The Urbas Hill

Nida is guarded by two dunes with high pine trees. One of them is the Urbas Hill. The name of the hill originates from a word “urbti”, i.e. to drill holes to plant trees. The Urbas Hill marks the beginning of afforestation of the dunes in the Curonian Spit. It is the place where Gottlieb David Kuvert planted the first seedlings in the beginning of the 19th c. and prepared the soil for further afforestation works for the travelling dunes.

The Urbas Hill boasts its Nida Lighthouse. The old brick lighthouse opened here as early as in 1874. By the end of the WWII, the lighthouse was blown up, and the new, cylindrical lighthouse out of reinforced concrete was built in 1953 instead. Today, it is 79 metres above the sea level.