Panorama of the Urbas Hill

Urbo kalno panorama
urbo kalno panorama 748x511

0.68 kilometres from the centre of Nida

The name of the hill originates from a word “urbti”, i.e. to drill holes to plant trees. It is among the first dunes afforested by the local people. The afforestation started in 1874. At the same time, the construction of the Nida Lighthouse began at the command of the government of Karaliaučius. The Nida Lighthouse erected on the 50.8-metres-high Urbas Hill. The old Nida Lighthouse was 27 metres high and hexagonal. A stone path with 200 stairs went up to the lighthouse. These stairs can still be found today. The scenic viewpoint of the Nida Lighthouse affords spectacular views of the Curonian Spit, such as the panorama of the town of Nida, the Curonian Lagoon, the Parnidis Dune and the Baltic Sea. Only having observed the Curonian Spit at this height one can understand its distinctiveness and fragility of being surrounded by two bodies of water. Slightly downwards, on the foot of the hill on the southern side, an outdoor scenic viewpoint is situated. It boasts the view of the Parnidis Dune and the pine forest. Tourists can find a tower viewer on a stalk there.