Mizgiriai Amber Gallery-Museum

V. ir K. Mizgirių gintaro galerija – muziejus
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Pamario st. 20, Nida

Opening hours:
June - August
I-VII 9:00 - 20:00
April, May, September, October
I-VII 10:00 - 19:00

Ticket prices
For adults - EUR 1.25
For children - EUR 0.60
+370 469 52573

The museum’s visitors can visit an outdoor exposition and walk one string of the Amber Road, which starts by the Baltic Sea and goes all along Europe towards the Etruscan lands in Italy. Here, they will find an old amber workshop where ways and tools to work with amber will be presented (if they want to, they can even try to become amber “masters” themselves and make fortune amulets), will see a spectacular collection of amber inclusions, amulets from the treasure in Juodkrantė and get acquainted with amber morphology. In summertime, artists come back to the Artists‘ House nearby the museum, which is a great chance to observe creative processes and visit the exhibitions organised.

In the museum, visitors can get acquainted with the history of the Baltic amber. They are introduced (also in foreign languages, such as English, German and Russian) to the formation of the Baltic “gold”, inclusions, morphology and the variety of colours. Here, one can also discover the old and present-day methods to extract amber, while visitors get answered a frequent question how to check if a piece of amber is real or not. Those who are interested are also presented with the machine, producing amber energy and can taste amber spirit. The Gallery-Museum offers its visitors to have a look and purchase various works by Lithuanian artists.