V. and K. Mizgiriai amber gallery - museum

V. ir K. Mizgirių gintaro galerija – muziejus
V. and K. Mizgiriai Amber Gallery - Museum visitneringa.com

Pamario g. 20, Nida

Working hours:
June - August
I-VII 9:00 - 20:00
April, May, September, October.
I-VII 10:00 - 19:00

Ticket prices:
For an adult- 1,25 EUR
For a child: 0,60 Eur,
+370 469 52573

Museum visitors can also visit exposition in the garden and walk through the Amber Road. The Amber Road starts from the Baltic Sea and extends over the whole Europe to the Etruscan lands in Italy. Here you can find an old workshop and learn to work with amber (who wants can try to become an amber “master” and make themselves a fortune amulet).In summer time artists come to the Artists‘ House, which is near the Amber Gallery-Museum. These are the moments to observe creative processes and visit the exhibitions.

In the Royal workshop near the Amber Gallery-Museum amber processing is organized. Any groups and individual people can participate in the lessons. They can be in Lithuanian, English, German and Russian languages. During the lessons ancient and modern amber processing tools are introduced, secrets of amber fishing are revealed, a brief history of Baltic amber is presented as well.