Panorama of the Vecekrūgas Dune

Vecekrugo kopos panorama
Panorama of Vecekrugas dune

Vecekrugas Dune

The green carpet of mountain pines planted by the hands of people opens up in all its beauty from the Old Inn Hill (in the Curonian language called Vecekrūgas), situated between Preila and Nida, in the Karvaičiai Landscape Reserve. It is told that an inn was opened at the foot of the hill. This dune rises 1.5 kilometre south of Preila, in front of the Horn of Preila. It is the highest afforested dune in the Curonian Spit, giving a view to the panorama of its slightly wider part in the Horn of Bulvikis, the forest in valleys, groves in the sandy areas along the lagoon and the outline of the bank of the lagoon. No less impressive is the dune itself by having diagonal sand lines along its green cloth. The hill looks particularly impressive from its northern side. Vecekrūgas is around 67.2 metres high. It is easiest to access it from a bicycle road.