Neringa is preparing for World Tourism day: attracting by various events, tastes, new routes

Neringa is preparing for World Tourism day: attracting by various events, tastes, new routes

Every ending is a new beginning. So is autumn season in Neringa – after a bustling summer, the resort welcomes the colorful autumn season, filled with tranquility, inspiration and as much excitement as the summer.

Celebrating World Tourism Day (27th of September), September is traditionally announced as Tourism Month in Neringa. This year, the WTO is calling for “rethinking tourism”: encouraging people to discover and travel more sustainably, smarter and safer. Neringa is inviting to rediscover the resort, and the eventful start of the autumn in Neringa is calling to go on hikes, take part in various cultural activities, attempt the route “The inspiration of Curonian Spit”, which was created especially for the Tourism Day, and vote for the most welcoming tourism business in Neringa.

Tourism Day – a journey of inspiration

Travelers and explorers who are enjoying a slow holiday and wanting to experience a different Curonian Spit are welcome to embark on the 4-stop route “Inspiration of Curonian Spit”. The resort’s yet undiscovered places promise more than just photos: here you will experience freedom and inspiration.

Visitors who have completed all the stops and shared moments from each of them (by tagging @curonian_spit_neringa) on Instagram or Facebook will have the opportunity to visit the Nida lighthouse for free on 24th of September. Also, at the end of the exciting trip, to enjoy the lamb plov made by local chef Antanas which has received many compliments. For full itinerary rules, please visit

The route “Inspiration of the Curonian Spit” consists of four stops, which are passed by everyone who comes to Neringa in one way or another. All you have to do is to experience inspiring stories and share them with your friends.

Apzvalgos aikstele ant Avino kalno A. Kundroto foto
Avinas Hill, A. Kundrotas photo

The first stop is Avinas Hill, located in Juodkrantė. From the viewing platform at the top of Avinas Hill, you can see one of the most beautiful panoramas of the Curonian Spit. There are two special objects that have been preserved from extinction: the fragments of the Juodkrantė Spit p the north (some of the pine trees here are more than 230 years old) and the parabolic dunes beneath the forest.

The second stop is in Pervalka, where the Cape Horse lighthouse stands on a tiny island. It is the only lighthouse in Lithuania that is surrounded by water on all sides – it was built in 1900 in the Curonian Lagoon near Pervalka, on a small artificial island about 260 meters away from the shore.

Vaizdas nuo Preilos kopos A. Kundroto foto
The view from Preila Dune, A. Kundrotas photo

The 53-meter-high Preila Dune, which marks the third stop, offers one of the most spectacular panoramas of the peninsula. It overlooks the Baltic Sea, the Curonian Lagoon and the Great Curonian Spit ridge stretching from south to north.

The fourth and the final stop is Urbas Hill, which once was a giant sand dune, but thanks to people’s cleverness and enormous efforts, it has now turned to a green place, perfect for hiking and has been declared as a protected natural heritage site. The Nida lighthouse sits on top of it.

Nidos svyturys A.Kundroto foto
Nida lighthouse, A.Kundrotas photo

On 24th of September, guests of the resort who have completed the festive route “Inspiration of the Curonian Spit” will have the opportunity to visit the Nida lighthouse for free and admire the beautiful panorama of the Curonian Spit. The experience accompanied by steaming treats.

It is also good news that on the occasion of the Tourism Day on 24th of September, the local entrance fee for vehicles will be removed.

Free hikes for explorers

On 24th of September two free hikes will be organized in Neringa. They will invite to look at the surrounding environment in the Curonian Pit through the eyes of an explorer and to become a kind of discoverer yourself, at least for a short time.

On Saturday morning at 11 am, the hike called “Learn to know the spit” will start on Urbas Hill in Nida. The hike will be led by Denisas Nikitenka, a local historian, journalist, author of the book “Guide to the Curonian Spit National Park”.

On Urbas Hill, visitors will hear the story of the old Nida lighthouse which was built in 1874: why the Prussian authorities decided to build such a navigational object in Nida, and what very important, but little-known function it served for tourists. Participants will reveal some secrets about the habits of holidaymakers at that time. Pre-register for this hike at this link.

Parnidzio kopa A.Kundroto foto
Parnidis Dune, A.Kundrotas photo

On 24th of September at 2pm another free hike named “The History of Sand Dunes” will invite to discover the natural history of the Curonian Spit. It will be led by Aušra Feser, head of the Curonian Spit National Park, who will talk about sand plants, species, the history of dune formation and many other interesting facts. Pre-register for this hike at this link.

Autumn in the Spit of discovery

Those who are planning a trip to Neringa at a different time and at their own pace are invited to other equally interesting events in September.

On 22nd of September the reed sculptures that have been decorating Juodkrantė all summer long will be burnt in the Amber Bay. Sports and active leisure enthusiasts will traditionally gather on 24th of September for the Nida International half marathon run. 

On 24th of September Neringa’s museums will be inviting to visit the Curonian Spit History Museum (Pamario str. 53, Neringa), the Nida Fisherman’s Ethnographic Homestead (Naglių str. 4, Neringa), the Thomas Mann Memorial Museum ( as well on 25th of September, Skruzdynės 17, Neringa). On 27th of September, the Liudvikas Rėza Cultural Center will open its exhibitions free of charge to visitors.

Throughout the month until 21st of September Neringa’s guests and residents are invited to vote for the most hospitable tourism business in the resort, providing accommodation, catering, transport or other tourism services. The most hospitable tourism business in Neringa will be announced on 23rd of September.

Fall in love with autumn by leaving your home routine on the other side of the lagoon for a short visit and immerse yourself in the magical autumn treasures of Neringa’s nature and culture.

This publication is part of the project “Curonian Spit: Heritage for the Community and the World” under the European Neighborhood Instrument. The contents of this information are the sole responsibility of the Neringa Municipality and cannot be taken to reflect the views of the European Union.

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