Changes in traffic organization will take effect in Neringa

Changes in traffic organization will take effect in Neringa
Parnidzio kopa

According to the decision of the Standing Traffic Safety Commission of Neringa Municipality, the traffic organization scheme in Nida will be changed as of June 1 this year:

  1. Motorbike traffic is prohibited on the entire Curonian Lagoon side in Nida from Neringa Sports School to Purvynės Street. This decision was made due to the increased  number of accidents involving motorcycles and scooters and the fact that the infrastructure of the paths along the Nida Lagoon side is not adapted to these vehicles. Road signs 340 „Motorcycle traffic is prohibited“ will be installed in the near future. On other streets and bicycle paths in Neringa, motorcyclists will be able to move freely in accordance with the general requirements of;the Road Traffic Rules;
  2. once the reconstruction of Taikos Street is implemented, another substantial change in the organization of traffic will take effect – in the section from Taikos str. 5 (Neringa Police Commissariat building) to Naglių str. One-way car traffic will be organized at 29 A (Maxima shopping center building). The direction of one-way traffic, after the installation of road signs indicating it, will be valid from Taikos str. 5, through the intersection of Taikos and Naglių streets, bus station and passing through Naglių st. 29 (building of the cafe „Kuršis“). This decision was made taking into account the proposals of the Neringa Municipality Strategic Plan for Sustainable Mobility in order to organize safe pedestrian and bicycle traffic in the central part of Nida and to reduce and limit motor vehicle traffic;
  3. It is also planned to ban the traffic of car-residential houses (campers) in certain parking lots in the Neringa seaside, which are characterized by a sensitive natural environment. There are more and more situations when camper owners choose accommodation places in free parking lots near water sources – campsites are set up, bonfires are fired and litter is taken out. The list of parking lots where parking for residential houses will be prohibited will be provided later, when the Neringa Municipality Administration will coordinate it with the Curonian Spit National Park Authority and the comoany  „Paslaugos Neringai“.