„Žiobrinės“ (vimba fish) celebration returns to Neringa

„Žiobrinės“ (vimba fish) celebration returns to Neringa

After a two-year break from April 29 to May 1 Neringa will smell the fish again – the traditional “Žiobrinės” (Vimba fish) celebration will take place here for three days!

“Žiobrinės” will return to the meadow near the port of Nida – specially prepared fish will be baked on a campfire and washed on a willow. The event will be enriched by fishermen’s games, interactive educational and creative activities, performances of traditional culture, and health activities.

The map of the celebration will include fishermen and fish traders from Neringa, cafes and restaurants that prepare special fish dishes for “Žiobrinės”.

The opening of the festival and the baking of freshly caught fish on a campfire will take place on Saturday, April 30, at 12 pm in the meadow near the port of Nida.

The festive weekend from Friday 12 PM to Saturday 12 PM cars can enter Neringa municipality free of charge.


Friday, April 29

The route of the festive dishes “Travel and taste” (following the gastronomic list below)

10 am–8pm Crafts, Folk Art and Food Fair in Naglių Street, Nida

11 am–6 pm “From the Book of Recipes”, exposition of documents in V. Miliūnas Library of Neringa Municipality, Pamario str. 53, Nida

Saturday, April 30

The route of the festive dishes “Travel and taste” (following the gastronomic list below)

10 am–8pm Crafts, Folk Art and Food Fair in Naglių Street, Nida

11 am–6 pm “From the Recipe Book”, exposition of documents in Neringa V. Miliūnas Library, Pamario str. 53, Nida

12 pm Opening of the „Žiobrinės“ celebration in the meadow near the port of Nida

12.30 pm Traditional vimba fish baking on fire “Try it yourself” in the meadow near the port of Nida

12-16 pm Educational, creative, active leisure activities in the meadow near the port of Nida:

Ukrainian cuisine. Ukrainians fleeing war in Ukraine, who have been staying in Neringa, will present their national dishes, donations will be collected.

“On the Waves with the Vinetu Village Tribe” – The Vinetu Village program, which nurtures North American Indian traditions. At 1 pm and 3 pm the Vinetu Village Tribe will invite to the “Drum Circle”.

13:00, 13:30, 14:00, 14:30, 15:00, 15:30 The educational program “Songs of Fishing Boats” is presented by the folklore ensemble “Giedružė”, leader Audronė Buržinskienė.

Educational program “I liked the big fish”. Here you will not only be able to taste the coffee and tia used by the coastal fishermen, to try „buterbrod with herring“, but also draw your own happiness fish. The program is presented by Šilutė Hugo Šojus Museum.

Educational program “Fish Traps”. You will find out what fish enter the fishing nets in the Curonian Lagoon, what their names and species are. The program is presented by Ludvikas Rėza Cultural Center.

Dance training, taught by the linear dance group “Dorė”, leader Jurgita Survilienė.

“Checkmate!” – the mini-tournament of chess and drafts, presented by Neringa Sports School,

Educational program “Secrets of the Amber Room”, presented by amber master Algirdas Marčius.

Pottery workshop, taught by potter Indrė Dikavičiūtė.

Hot stone therapy, presented by Neringa Health Club “Esuva”, Dalia Tarvydienė.

Concert of the folk band “Joldija”, leader Laurynas Vainutis.

12:30; 13:30; 14:30; 15:30 “Peculiarities of a Fisherman’s Day” Nida fisherman’s ethnographic homestead, Naglių str. 4, Nida

In the yard of the old fisherman’s house we will get acquainted with the daily life of the fishermen of this region and their hobbies. We will be looking for two special things for the fisherman, without which he would not have imagined a single day! And finally, one of the oldest games on the Curonian Spit “Meškeris” will test your accuracy and concentration.

12–16 pm Mini golf and table tennis tournaments at Neringa Sports School, Lotmiškio str. 2, Nida

3 pm Spring hike “Parnidis trails” organized by the Curonian Spit National Park. Meeting place: Curonian Spit National Park Visitor Information Center, Naglių str. 8, Nida. The price of the hike is 5 Eur, free of charge for children. Registration required Tel. No. + 37067172891 or email info@nerija.lt

5.30 pm Multimedia artist Augustinas Našlėnas will present a cognitive-educational film “Signs of the Baltic Worldview” created in 2021. The artist will tell the story of the creation of the film and the unique publication “Baltiški sigilai” related to it. Visitors will have the opportunity to purchase the publication. Nida community house, Taikos str. 17, Nida

8 pm Evening concert
Nida Marina terrace, Naglių str. 16, Nida

Sunday, May 1

The route of the weekend festive dishes “Travel and taste” (following the gastronomic list below)

10 am–2 pm Crafts, Folk Art and Food Fair in Naglių Street, Nida

10.15 am Cognitive hike in Nida for Ukrainians. Journalist Denis Nikitenka will lead the hike in Russian. Start – 10.15 am at Nida bus station (Naglių St. 18E), end – 13.30, in the center of Nida. Pre-registration at www.visitneringa.com


April 29–May 1

Café “Žvejonė”

L. Rėzos st. 30, Juodkrante

Fresh fish dishes from the catch of local fishermen.

Tel. No. +370 650 19520

Restaurant “Juodasis kalnas”

Ievos kalno st. 22, Juodkrante

Vimba fish straganins with mashed potatoes

Fried smelt

Sturgeon fillet with roasted pumpkin

Tel. No. +370 673 83893

Café “Vėjopatis”

Pervalkos st. 19A, Pervalka

Fish soup with eel

Fish broth with fish balls

Salted fish in marinade

Fish ribs

Crucian cutlets

Tel. No .: +370 611 15627

Fisheria Nida

Taikos str.5, Nida

Thick fish soup

Sturgeon’s chop

Perch chop

Fried herring tacos


Otto fillet


Tel. No. + 370 641 97729

Café “Kuršis”

Naglių st. 29, Nida

Curonian fish soup

Stroganina with hot potatoes

Fish burger

Sturgeon with mussel sauce

Tel. No. +370 612 18868

Café “Tik pas Joną”

Naglių st. 6, Nida

Various smoked fish

Tel. No. +370 620 82084

Restaurant “Nidus”

G.D. Kuverto g. 15, Nida

Mackerel soup

Smoked mackerel spread with rye bread

Oriental salmon salad

Freshly caught sturgeon

Tel. No. +370 469 52001

Pizzeria “Malkinė”

Naglių st. 18, Nida

Pizza with fish and anchovies

Tel. No. +370 609 77069

Restaurant “Nidos prieplauka”

Naglių st. 16, Nida


Fish croquette

Tel. No. +370 614 91181

Café “Sakutis”

Nagliai 14A, Nida

Eel soup

Fried herring

Pike croquette

Tel. No. +370 614 73733

Smoked fish in Neringa:

In Nida:

Place of sale at Nida bus station, address: Naglių st. 18N, Tel. Nr. +370 698 29586

In Preila:

“Rimo žuvys”, Preilos st. 25, +37061114744

Place of sale at Preilos str. 25-8, Tel. Nr. +370 687 55753

In Pervalka:

Place of sale, Pervalkos str. 54-2, Tel. Nr. +370 685 16519

In Juodkrantė:

Olego fish, addresses: Ievos kalno str. 2, L. Rėzos st. 40, +370 618 39146, +370 654 53 292

Place of sale, address L. Rėzos str. 16

The organizer of the event – Nida Culture and Tourism Information Center “Agila”.

By attending the even visitors agree to be filmed and photographed during the event.

In case of bad weather, the organizers reserve the right to change the program of events.